sitting at event listening to translated audio and reading closed captions

Say goodbye to clunky headsets and ugly translation booths

Put captions and translated audio in the hands of every audience member with a device. Just share a simple URL with attendees — with nothing to download or install.

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Up to 90% accuracy for closed captioning, including punctuation. You can optionally pre-enter acronyms, jargon, and proper names to improve accuracy even further.

Works on WiFi or mobile data connection thanks to low-bandwidth usage, meaning a poor signal is no longer an obstacle.

Send audio from the mixer in your room with no more than a three-second delay. All you need is a laptop with an audio input.

Audio always stays in sync with the speaker and Kastio reads translated captions out loud with up to 90% accuracy.

No download or install needed as Kastio works right in the user’s web browser (mobile and desktop compatible).

No need to spend money on headsets that get lost, damaged, or that have to be checked in and out.

Attendees can access the event on their device to receive live captions and translated audio.