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Instant simultaneous language interpretation in more than 75 languages

Simultaneous language translation is essential, especially if accessibility is one of your priorities. With Kastio, you don’t have to hire an expensive SI translator for your next live event.

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Kastio reads translated captions out loud our automated voice-over is available in male or female voice and sounds just like a real human.

Change languages in real-time and toggle on or off as needed without any disruptions. Listeners can pick the languages they want to hear.

Live-audience and in-room audio so that translations can be heard for your live attendees and those tuning in from a remote location on their phones.

Download the recorded translation after the event ends in mp3 format for reuse and re-purposing. (Coming soon)

Available in 75 different languages so that you can reach a broader audience.

Hear Kastio simultaneous language interpretation in action

This voice is AI generated from text alone. Can you tell it's not human?